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Who We Are

Hello and Welcome to the website for Progressive Health of Pennsylvania.

We would like to provide you with a little information on who we are and what it is we do. To explain who we are today, we need to explain where we started from.

The owner and Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Health, Paul Brooks, started in the field of Brain Injury Rehabilitation in 1980. Paul developed both acute and post acute programs, in many ways revolutionizing the then new field of Brain Injury Rehabilitation into what it is today. Paul’s programs have time and time again proved well run and successful. After 14 years of experience, he decided it was time to create his own program and sought nine other people he had worked with previously to join him in this endeavor, each the best in their respective fields, be it neuropsychology, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vocational therapy, management, and/or other skills. Paul took all of the positive aspects of the programs he had developed and shared ideologies of his new team and adapted them into one program concerned with only one thing: THE CLIENT AND HIS/HER WELL BEING. With this dream team of staff and only five other employees, along with seven residential clients, Progressive Health of Pennsylvania was formed on March 15, 1994.

Progressive Health of Pennsylvania has grown today to a company of one hundred and forty-five full time staff, forty-seven clients, and twenty-three well maintained houses, as well as a successful outpatient/day treatment program. As the program has grown and new therapy and residential staff have joined us, those nine original experts remain on our team. With this depth of experience PHPI continually strives to be innovative in the field while continuing to focus on one thing: “THE CLIENT”. Other programs often place four to ten clients in a home. We believe that a situation like that can create a stressful environment and an unrealistic one as well. We can promise you that every day we will strive to meet every need, provide every comfort, inspire every smile, and in every facet of life improve your family or friends living conditions to the best available.

This is what we promise to do, because of our experience, care, dedication, and love for our field. But what does this look like? How will this actually affect your loved ones situation? These promises mean a few things. Firstly, there will never be more than three clients in a single residence. Compatibility of clients is key, and we do our best to place individuals in a home with other clients that have similar interests and personalities, creating a positive living space designed for comfort and productivity. These houses are in no way situated in a sub division or cluster setting, but rather distributed throughout the community for a more realistic feel and lifestyle. Community integration is a huge factor of Progressive Health’s success, whether that means a weekly grocery shop, Laundromat run, movie viewing, and/or a local gathering, the possibilities are endless. Isolation is absolutely prevented, and as such the client will be up and moving but in the community and living as normal a life as their abilities and conditions will allow. This also means that they have access to any services they require neuropsychology, physical, speech, cognitive, vocational, or occupational therapists, a brand new and top of the line fitness facility, job coaching for those looking to work actual jobs in the community, group and individual therapy relating to their needs and/or interests, nurses and doctors to assess physical health or medical advisories, and unlimited other benefits that make Progressive Health unique.

Progressive Health of Pennsylvania is a company with hundreds of years of combined experience. It is owned and operated by a man who started his work in the field when the field was in its infancy. It is a company that strives for perfection for the client, regardless of the extra work that it may take. We are a company that loves what we do, and it is clear in the day to day passion with which we work as a team and fulfill our goals. We are a company that does not make empty promises. What is written here is written not to advertise, but to elucidate an idea that drives us. An idea that every client with an acquired brain injury is more than a case or job. They are a person, a survivor, and an individual with individual needs. It is our goal to realize these needs and build on their strengths to enhance their potential. That is the promise of Progressive Health of Pennsylvania.